Applications for the 2020-2021 Visual Arts Fellowship must be completed and submitted electronically on or before 11:59 pm February 1, 2020. The application fee is $57. All applications must be submitted online. APPLY HERE

Application Instructions:

Our application does not require recommendations or artist statements. It entails a simple questionnaire, a space for listing artistic/professional experience and work samples. Any essential information about your work can be pasted into the description box upon uploading each work sample. Please do not list your name in your resume, description boxes, or in any of your work samples (including title and credit screens) or descriptions as the jury is anonymous, and applicants are identified by work sample ID.

Experience: Applicants will be asked to paste a resume or brief list of artistic/professional experience of no more than three pages total. If your application advances to the final round the Visual Coordinator and Committee Chair will review your professional/artistic experience provided to confirm your eligibility.

Work Samples: Applicants should upload the following:

Images: 10 JPGS, (5MB maximum for each image)

Video: up to five minutes total of video of time-based work such as film, video and/or animation (maximum of 250 MB total; accepted formats are mov, wmv, flv and mp4). If you are submitting more than one work, we suggest uploading separate files due to size constraints.

Both: Applicants may submit a combination of both images/video using the following equation: one image = 30 seconds of video. (For example six images and two minutes of video)

Note: SlideRoom allows up to 20 work sample submissions because our selection entails multiple rounds. Only submit 10 images or 5 minutes of video. If you submit more, only the first 10 work samples/five minutes of video will be considered in the first round. If selected as a finalist you’re application you will have the opportunity to add more images/video and edit/reorder your portfolio.

Fee: The fee for visual arts online submission process is $57 payable by credit card. This includes FAWC’s $45 application fee plus SlideRoom’s $12 usage fee. Former or current Fellows applying for a Second year fellowship are only required to pay the $12 usage fee.

Notification: All applicants will be notified via email whether or not their application has advanced to the final round in mid March. The finalists are then invited to supplement their portfolio on SlideRoom by uploading up to ten additional images/5 minutes of video. While these extra work samples are not required, applicants must resubmit their application online before April 1, for the final jury. All finalists who are selected as Fellows in the final round will receive notification in early May. Please contact the Visual Coordinator if you change the email address that you listed on your SlideRoom application.

Second Year applicants: Former or current Fellows who would like to apply for a Second Year have a seperate program in SlideRoom. You should upload the following: 20 JPG images, (5MB maximum for each image) OR 10 minutes total of video of time based work such as film, video and animation (maximum of 250 MB total; accepted formats are mov, wmv, flv and mp4). Or a combination of both using the following equation one image = 30 seconds of video. (For example eight images and six minutes of video).  The Second-year application deadline is April 1, 2020.