Printing a 30’ Golden Week Banner

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Daniel Heyman
Week 11: August 18 to August 23
ORIENTATION: August 18, 6:00-7:30 PM
WORKSHOP: August 19-23, 9am-12pm
Discipline: Printmaking
Open to All

On-site Housing Not Available
Workshop Description 

This workshop is part of our Master Printer Series.

For centuries, the Japanese have celebrated Golden Week, a week of celebrations in early May when families, temples and imperial palaces hang colorful banners and kites representing different members of families: fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters. The banners, formerly known as “Boys' Day Banners,” became officially “Children’s Day” banners in 1948. This workshop's goal will be for each student to produce a 30’ banner of their own, using block printing techniques to create colorful designs. We will experiment making initial designs on paper using colored tape, then carve blocks and print on fabric. No previous experience necessary.

All printmaking inks and supplies, as well as cloth and supplies for banners, included in materials fee.



Daniel Heyman is a recipient of Guggenheim and Pew Fellowships, and received grants from Princeton University, Dartmouth College and RISD. Heyman’s work is collected in many prestigious national institutions including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Getty Research Institute and the Library of Congress. Most recently working at the Awagami Paper Factory in Japan, Heyman has concentrated on creating a series of paper folding screens. Heyman is represented by Cade Tompkins Projects in Providence.