Selection Process

Each year, the deadline for Visual Artists Fellowship applications is February 1.

Eligibility: The Fellowship is open to all emerging visual artists creating two-dimensional work, three-dimensional work, and time-based media work. Applicants are judged on the quality of their work and not on previous exhibition experience, resumes, recommendations or the like. The jury disqualifies applicants it deems to be already emerged—e.g., those who have had high profile solo exhibitions, or have been in significant group exhibitions such as biennials. 
Digital applications are accepted at

Composition of Juries: The Visual Arts Committee Chair, with the assistance of the Visual Coordinator, enlists and instructs the Visual Committee members in the first jury round. Visual Committee members are practicing accomplished artists, including but not limited to former Fellows of the Fine Arts Work Center. The Visual Chair, the Visual Coordinator, and the second-year Visual Fellows serve in the first jury round.

For the second and final round of the jury, the Visual Chair with the help of the Visual Coordinator charges a three-person outside jury, which changes each year, to review digital work submitted by the finalists as well as digital work submitted by current or former Fellows trying for a second-year term. Only the Visual Chair, the Visual Coordinator, and the three jurors will be present when reviewing work for the final jury. The three jurors are responsible for the final selection of the Visual Fellows. The Visual Chair and the Visual Coordinator do not enter into or interfere with the final selection of the Fellows.

First Round: In the first round, the Visual Arts Program Committee members will jury all digital applications in two phases:

1. In late February, the Visual Committee members will view all online submissions over a one-week time span on their individual computers. At the end of the week, the data from the Committee members will be collected and collated by the Visual Chair and the Visual Coordinator, and the applicant pool will be cut by sixty percent.

2. The Visual Committee will meet as a group (alternating annually between New York City and Provincetown) in early March to review the remaining online submissions. The Committee will spend one full day or one and a half days to review the work and make the final cut to approximately 50 finalists.

Second Round: The fifty finalists will be invited to supplement their portfolio on SlideRoom by submitting up to ten additional images. They are asked to notify the Visual Coordinator if they want to submit additional images.

Members of the Visual Committee will invite three professional artists to travel to Provincetown in late April to review the digital work of the finalists, as well as the current Fellows and former Fellows who have applied for a second-year Fellowship. The three jurors will select seven or eight first-year Fellows with five alternates, and two or three second-year Fellows with four alternates.

Second-year Fellows: Two or three second-year Visual Fellowships are awarded each year. Second-year Fellows are not privileged over first-year Fellows, except that the second-year Fellows are invited to sit on the first-round jury the year they are in residence.