Cori Redstone (b. Salt Lake City Utah) received her BFA in painting and drawing in 2011 from the University of Utah and her MFA in art in 2015 from CalArts. For almost ten years, she has worked as a strategist, writer, and art director in the climate movement, other social issues, and public policy. She has trained countless individuals on mass art builds, to participate in
nonviolent civil disobedience and risked arrest numerous times.

Her works have been exhibited in galleries across the United States and The Utah Museum of Contemporary Art and the Aspen Art Museum, among others. In 2017 Redstone was published in a college sociology textbook about the necessity of incorporating the arts in social movements.

Cori lives and works in Los Angeles, California, and is represented by Visual Artists Group in Los Angeles.

About the artworks:
The paintings of artist Cori Redstone oscillate between forms of protest, narrative, and acts of redemption through rebellion. Her paintings, primarily related to the climate movement, prompt the audience to consider the act of participation rather than remain passive observers. Redstone organized her first protest at the age of 14 when she staged a middle school walkout. The school had refused to hear complaints about or review a teacher who was sexually harassing students. She draws upon her years of experience in progressive movements as well as her passion for wilderness, and her childhood working a farm and ranch while growing up in an extremely conservative religion. The paintings reference the rhetoric of protest by utilizing text. The materials used and the forms of the artworks themselves reference road signs or traditional protest banners. Utilizing forms from her past mixed with contemporaneous urban issues and the banality of technological modernity, she captures the rapidity with which our social, political, economic, and ecological situations interact and collide.