Happy 25th Birthday Summer Program! In celebration, we invite you to give to our Scholarship Fund by using the donation form below. Scholarships are crucial to increasing the diversity and vibrancy of our student population and fostering a wide range of dialogue and creative outcomes.

A scholarship is often the only way young and emerging writers and artists are able to attend a summer workshop. Your donation will make it possible for a writer or artist to participate in a workshop who otherwise would not have the funds to do so – providing them with the possibility of a life transforming experience! A donation of $650 will fund a scholarship in full or you may donate any amount you are able. All donations, small to large, are appreciated..

“The Fine Arts Work Center, now more than ever, is a sanctuary, an incubation chamber, a miracle enabler, a room of one’s own, a collaboration accommodation, a place where we are reminded that art can save lives (and does), that the truth will set you free (and does), that a few like-minded and determined people can change the world (and will). It is a place where you remember that everything is possible, it is a haven for beauty and trauma, shadow and light. My favorite week of summer, 25 years and counting. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” PH


“Having the opportunity to be at such an incredible place where the atmosphere of support and encouragement provided by the entire community of the Provincetown Fine Arts Work Center went beyond my expectations. The energy and inspiration I brought away from the entire experience will continue to influence my work and life.” JB

My experience at the Fine Arts Work Center this summer was extraordinary. I spent the years after my MFA program feeling lost in terms of my own work; Javier’s workshop revitalized my writing. The conversations our group had both inside and outside the classroom were uplifting as well as constructive. I am highly indebted to the FAWC’s generosity. I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to spend a week in beautiful Provincetown and make poetry a part of my life again.”

 “I’m so very grateful to have received a scholarship to the Fine Arts Work Center. It allowed me to participate in a highly productive, thought-provoking workshop, to make a great friend from Russia, and  to spend time in Provincetown, one of the loveliest places I’ve ever encountered. I already feel nostalgic  for the nights I spent strolling around in thick fog, looking at the many boats docked beside the pier, watching the fishermen unload their hauls, and looking back every so often to see the ghostly Pilgrim Monument towering above the shore. It was a wonderful experience, and I’m very appreciative.” DC