Our program draws upon the Fine Arts Work Center’s commitment to excellence in writing while increasing access to workshops, regardless of geographic location and other limiting factors. Students from all over the world take our classes. Many work full-time, some are students, and others simply prefer to write from the comfort of their own home. Our program offers asychronous learning, which means that there is no assigned time you need to be present in the classroom. You'll have deadlines each week, but you'll be able to do the work when your schedule allows. 

Students tell us that they’ve done some of their best work through our engaging and productive online learning model. And although our classes take place online, we continually hear that students love the supportive workshop communities fostered by our dedicated faculty and participants. Our teachers, all nationally recognized writers, will help you achieve the goals set forth in their syllabi with discussions, writing assignments, and critiques. You'll finish the term with renewed inspiration for your writing, and fresh ideas for ways to move forward in your work. 

Asynchronous learning is at the heart of 24PearlStreet's model. It allows students across time zones to come together, engage with their peers, and elevate their craft--even if their lives are also busy with full-time jobs, parenting, or other obligations or pursuits that make it hard to schedule or reserve time for live meetings dedicated to writing.

So...what does asynchronous learning in our workshops look like, exactly? As a student in a class, you have 24/7 access to an online classroom. Your teacher will post class materials--lectures, readings, assignments--in that online classroom. It's also where you'll post your work and comment on the work of your peers. You'll have deadlines during the week, as indicated by the syllabus, but there's no specific time of day you need to be online. You just need to make sure to post your work by a certain time. 

While asynchronous contact is the idea 24PearlStreet was built on, faculty members at 24PearlStreet have always recognized that occasional synchronous contact--in other words, communicating in real time--has tremendous value, too. Over the years, some faculty members have informally weaved the occasional live element into their classes.

Now, in a time when we know that many are hungering for face-to-face communication, we have chosen to specify in our course catalog if a class will have an optional live element. If no live element is listed underneath a course description, the course will be entirely asynchronous. 

For courses with live elements, please keep in mind that all live elements are participation-optional, and that asynchronous learning via the online classroom remains the primary way that teachers will communicate information and conduct the course. 

A computer or tablet and internet connection are required to participate in 24PearlStreet online workshops. Please be aware that some devices, like iPhones and Android phones, may not be able to fully display all pages.