Thank you for your incredible enthusiasm and support this summer. We are grateful that, during this time of immense uncertainty, so many students chose to commit their time, funds, and energy to 24PearlStreet workshops this summer. We are also very grateful to our faculty, who created compelling classes and cultivated supportive workshop environments. 

We always welcome and encourage feedback, and student and faculty comments have helped guide our most recent endeavor: the creation of a custom-built online learning platform. This fall, as we enter an exciting new phase in the development of our new classroom platform, 24PearlStreet workshops will be on hiatus.

We’ve always believed that, in an online workshop, students should be able to focus on their writing—not the technology they’re using. We know that over the past few years, Blogger has posed distracting and frustrating glitches for both students and faculty. We’re grateful to you for bearing with us, and with your help, we’ve accumulated extensive knowledge about how to improve the online workshop experience. This is our opportunity to do exactly that.

The reinvention of our platform is also a chance to think about the broader possibilities for 24PearlStreet. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed everything, including online learning. Today, some writers are eager for Zoom-based workshops, while others rely on the flexibility of our asynchronous classes. Some writers want long-term engagement with faculty and the community as they work on a manuscript project, and others want to drop in to craft sessions to gain motivation and inspiration. 

With our new classroom platform, we hope to be able to serve the needs of many writers under one virtual roof. As administrators, we are taking this opportunity to envision what 24PearlStreet could be, while also being deeply thoughtful of what students have consistently told us they love about our workshops: our dedicated faculty and the caliber of their classes, the flexibility of our learning model, and the supportive nature of our community. These are folks who take their writing seriously. 

We know the news about our fall catalog may be disappointing, but we hope that you will stay engaged with virtual programming at the Work Center. The Education department plans to continue hosting readings, talks, and even some live workshops. And when 24PearlStreet returns, we look forward to introducing you to the classroom platform, the program’s new virtual home. 

Thank you for your continued support of 24PearlStreet and the Fine Arts Work Center.