“There is no frigate like a book.”

If you’re like me--you’re not only adding to your Summer reading stack a ton of lovely works you know will ferry you to new worlds and new constellations of thought, you’re also mapping your own writing projects that’ll someday become the books that are added to other people’s reading stacks. If you’re like me you’re also dreaming of actual travel. 

This Spring, many potential and returning students have written to me to say they are indeed dreaming of traveling to the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown. They say they want to greet and discover each other, to excitedly exchange work, to muse during a walk down to MacMillan Pier. Though there’s an opportunity to be in Provincetown as part of our Summer Projects Residency program, most of us will be returning to the FAWC campus when it opens in Summer 2022. 

37 Online Writing Workshops

In the meantime, there is a “next best thing”! We can all still greet and share and muse together, virtually face-to-face, this Summer in 37 amazing 24PearlStreet online writing workshops--which have long been an extension of FAWC’s awesome in-person classes.

This coming Summer we welcome longtime, beloved FAWC faculty to teach poetry, fiction, graphic novel writing, playwriting, memoir, and hybrid construction during several 1 week intensive workshops. Most of these workshops are synchronous (LIVE) and meet for 2 hours each day via Zoom; including workshops with: Marie Howe, Nick Flynn, John Murillo, Eileen Myles, Major Jackson, Tina Chang, and more.

A few are asynchronous; including workshops with Yi Shun Lai, Kristina Marie Darling, Sandra Beasley, and Nancy Pearson.

WILDER WORDS Reading Series

I also want to invite you to join us virtually on June 3rd at 6PM (EST) for FAWC's new seasonal reading series WILDER WORDS. This event will be a celebration of 24PearlStreet's Spring faculty with new books; and, it will feature: Kim Addonizio, Elissa Altman, Nickole Brown, Peter Campion, and Tyler Mills. I’ll also be reading from my new book as well as MCing this event--which is free and open to the public.

“How frugal is the Chariot/ That bears the Human Soul –”

I hope your journey through all these wondrous workshops is incredibly fun and productive! Let me know if you have any questions about what workshop would be the best fit for you. Keep dreaming and sharing your dreams.

Jennifer Jean
Program Manager
24PearlStreet, FAWC’s Online Writing Program