Writers' Work Groups

24PearlStreet is thrilled to announce Writers' Work Groups, a new program designed to extend the online workshop experience and provide a space for writers to work alongside one another.

For years, we’ve heard from workshop participants that it’s challenging to find the motivation to keep writing once a class is over. Motivation begins to fade and feelings of isolation set in. The sense of community that was present in the workshop is suddenly gone, and writing stalls.

This seemed like a problem we could solve. Having communicated with so many talented and driven students over the years, we knew we had a wonderful community at our fingertips. All we had to do was connect writers to each other beyond the workshop.

That’s why we're so excited to introduce Writers' Work Groups. Last June, we held the pilot session of the program. Now we've entered Pilot 2.0, and we hope you'll join us.

What's the format?

Like our online workshops, Writers’ Work Groups take place entirely online. They are self-directed, so there is no faculty instruction, but there is guidance from 24PearlStreet’s staff. 24PearlStreet also creates the "schedule," so that burden is off writers. Our ultimate goal is to create a productive and respectful community, and our involvement will reflect that.

How big is a group?

Each group will have approximately 6 students. Most groups are sorted by genre. There is one submission-oriented group that is open to all genres.

What kinds of groups are available?

There are two kinds of Writers' Work Groups: accountability and workshop.

If you sign up for an accountability group, you'll commit to working towards your own writing or publishing goals for the duration of the term. You will also provide support and encouragement to members of your cohort. As a member of an accountability group, you are welcome to share your work for accountability purposes, but you won't receive critique-style feedback on it. 

If you sign up for a workshop group, you'll commit to presenting your own work for feedback and providing critique-style feedback on the work of others.

The upcoming term is three months long and the fee per term is $175. 

The next term runs from June 10 - August 30, 2019. Enrollment is now open.

***Please note that no discount codes may be used when registering for a Work Group.***

Where can I see the full list of available groups?

The full list of available groups can be found here.


In short, a 24PearlStreet Writers’ Work Group offers:

The choice between a workshop group and an accountability-focused group

Four months of access to the online platform and support from fellow writers

Unlimited engagement with a tight-knit writing community

Relationships with writers who can ultimately be readers for your manuscripts

Guidance, resources, and friendly check-ins from the small staff at 24PearlStreet

25% off tuition for  a Summer, Fall, or Winter online writing workshop

Please email Program Manager Gemma Leghorn (gleghorn@fawc.org) with any questions.