The Novel from Beginning to End

The Novel from Beginning to End

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Ivy Pochoda
Week 3: June 24 to June 29
ORIENTATION: June 24, 6:00-7:30 PM
WORKSHOP: June 25-29, 9am-Noon
Discipline: Fiction
Open to All

Workshop Description 

This workshop is for students at all stages in the process of writing their novels. In order to write, we must be able to imagine our novels as one day being complete—we must be able to talk about them, share them, interrogate them, and revise them. In this workshop we will look at various ways of outlining, shaping, and reshaping our novels-in-progress. We will examine our opening chapters and discuss what expectations they establish for the work that is to follow. If you are just beginning your novel, if you've written a draft and need to take a step back, or if you are going back to the drawing board this workshop is appropriate for you.

For the first class please bring a "creative" outline of your novel, and two books: one that inspires you and one that is similar to the book you are writing. Your creative outline can be as formal or as informal as you wish—from a traditional bullet point document, to a timeline, to a moodboard, to a collage or drawing.


Ivy Pochoda is the author of the critically acclaimed novels Visitation Street and Wonder Valley. Her writing has appeared in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, The Los Angeles Review of Books, The Huffington Post, Self, and House & Garden.