Pollock-Krasner Mid-Career Residency

Pollock-Krasner Mid-Career Residency

The 2016 Pollock-Krasner Mid-Career Artist Residency application is closed.

Program: The Fine Arts Work Center is pleased to announce the Pollock-Krasner Mid-Career Artist Residency—a month-long residency for one visual artist at our complex located in coastal Provincetown, Massachusetts.

The residency includes a fully equipped private apartment; separate private studio; modest living and travel stipends; and the opportunity for an exhibition at the Fine Arts Work Center's Hudson D. Walker Gallery. We provide 24-hour access to your studio, as well as the Work Center's print shop, digital media lab, and lounge.  

Residency Dates: May 7 – June 4, 2016 and October 1 – November 1, 2016

Since 1968, the Fine Arts Work Center has offered a prestigious seven-month fellowship to ten visual artists and ten writers who are in the emerging stages of their careers. Past fellows—who include Ellen Gallagher, Lisa Yuskavage, Jack Pierson, Elliott Hundley, and Jacoby Satterwhite among others—attest to the transformative quality of the residency, and the ways in which the uninterrupted time, space and nurturing community were crucial to their artistic growth.

With the new Pollock-Krasner Mid-Career Artist Residency, the Fine Arts Work Center opens its creative dynamic community to an artist who has created an independent body of work over a number of years and who has received regional or national recognition through publication or public presentation of his or her work. The residency is an opportunity for mid-career artists to breathe fresh (and important) life into their studio practice or project. Residents will benefit not only from time and space in this unique natural setting, but from the year-round cultural programming and thriving artistic community.


Application Instructions:

Our application does not require recommendations or artist statements. It entails a simple questionnaire, a space for listing artistic/professional experience, and work samples. Any essential information about your work can be pasted into the description box upon uploading each work sample. Please do not list your name in your resume, description boxes, or in any of your work samples (including title and credit screens) or descriptions as the jury is anonymous, and applicants are identified by work sample ID.

Experience: Applicants will be asked to paste a resume or brief list of artistic/professional experience in the form section.

Work Samples: Applicants should upload the following:

Images: 10-20 JPGS, (5MB maximum for each image)

Video: up to ten minutes total of video of time-based work such as film, video and/or animation (maximum of 61 MB for each file; accepted formats are mov, wmv, flv and mp4). If you are submitting more than one work, we suggest uploading separate files due to size constraints.

Both: Applicants may submit a combination of both images and video using the following equation: one image = 30 seconds of video. (For example six images and two minutes of video)

Selection: Applicants are judged on the merit of their work. Other factors, such as an applicant’s biography or perceived ability to benefit from the residency may be taken into account, but excellence of the work is the primary over-riding criterion. The applications will be reviewed by a respected arts professional.

Notification: All applicants will be notified via email whether or not their application has been accepted for a residency by mid-March.


Applications for either 2016 Pollock-Krasner Mid-Career Artist Residency must be submitted by February 15, 2016 via SlideRoom.

The application fee is $25. To apply now visit: https://fawc.slideroom.com/


If you have additional questions regarding this residency, please contact Visual Arts Coordinator James Everett Stanley at jstanley@fawc.org.