Lyric Music Series

The Lyric Series is a celebration of the sound of words, featuring uniquely original voices in the Work Center’s expanding songwriting concert series. Four artists who are redefining the boundaries of songwriting, theater, and poetry have been presented to date.

New York Times hails the fearlessly emotive Anaïs Mitchell as “a formidable songwriting talent” drawing from the world of narrative folksong, poetry, and balladry.  

Kristin Hersh, formerly of the influential art –punk band Throwing Muses and 50FOOTWAVE, is both songwriter and author, acclaimed for her distinctly individual solo work. 

Patty Larkin is an uncommonly articulate guitarist and acclaimed songwriter, whose world draws on folk, Celtic, pop and electronica, and United Sates poet laureate Robert Pinsky and PoemJazz, an innovative dialogue between poetry and music that intertwines language and instrumentation.

Tickets to these benefit performances are free to Poetry Festival and Celebration of Memoir students and available for purchase by the public, with elevated tickets available. The 2018 line-up will be announced in January.