Hudson D. Walker Gallery



    Exhibition Dates: October 29–December 4
   Closing Celebration: Saturday, December 4, 6–8 PM


MiYoung Sohn, Sculptural Drawing: Sunnyside, 2021

INTERSECTION is an apt name for the first exhibition in the newly transformed Hudson D. Walker Gallery at the Fine Arts Work Center. Together, we celebrate the ritual of welcoming new Fellows to a place and community that has sustained and nurtured artists and writers for decades.

For this inaugural exhibition in our new gallery, we’ve asked local community voices to select past Fellows from the Work Center’s powerful legacy whose work has affected them, thereby leaving something of themselves within this community.

INTERSECTION is the artist and Provincetown; the community of Provincetown connecting with these artists; the Fine Arts Work Center and the places artists call home; as well as the land, the history, and the work of those who have come before us.



Herman Aguirre
Fellow 2017-2018

Wilder Alison
Fellow 2016-17, 2018-2019

Maia Chao
Fellow 2017-2018

Ellen Driscoll
Fellow 1983-1985

Simonette Quamina

Fellow 2017-2018

Janice Redman
|Fellow 1992-1993, 1993-1994

Duane Slick
Fellow 1990-1991, 1991-1992

MiYoung Sohn
Fellow 2001-2002, 2002-2003





Esteban del Valle
Artist | Muralist, Provincetown Public Art Foundation

Jerome Greene
Artist | Fine Arts Work Center Staff

Aziz Isham
Executive Director, Twenty Summers

Christine McCarthy
Chief Executive Officer, Provincetown Art Association and Museum

Cherie Mittenthal
Executive Artistic Director, Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill

Andrew Mockler
Master Printer | Chair, Visual Arts Committee

Sharon Polli
Executive Director, Fine Arts Work Center

Bettina Rosarius
Gallerist, Gaa Gallery


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