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Writing Chair Major Jackson's new book of poems,
Roll Deep, comes out August 3rd

“Major Jackson wants art to ‘Blow / back the ordinary / jive of planet Earth,’ and his new poems roil and buckle, skitter and swerve, clot and spill out into the world. Roll Deep is his fourth and best book; his voice seems to have broken loose, allowing for all manner of praise and lament, for observation and meditation, the grim and the goofball, and for outbreaks of pure sorcery, where ‘punctuation is my jury and the moon is my judge.’ ” — Mark Doty
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Writting Coordinator Matt Neill Null's debut novel, 
Honey from The Lionis forthcoming from Lookout Books 
September 2015
“Rich in history, speech, incident, flora, fauna, vernacular, geology, politics—Matthew Neill Null’s work is dazzling. It’s hard to believe this is fiction and not the firsthand account of the spirit of a place and time long past. He seems to know every shrub and burrow, how it formed, who owned it from the first European settlement and before. If anything ever happened in the state of West Virginia, Null knows the long and short of it, and will make its story sing.”
—Salvatore Scibona, author of The End
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The Work Center Remembers Nobel Laureate Tomas Tranströmer.
Swedish Poet and Nobel Laureate Tomas Tranströmer (1931-2015) was twice a beloved Writer-in-Residence at the Fine Arts Work Center and served as a mentor to many Writing Fellows.  
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Leopoldine Core (2012-2013) has won the Whiting Award for fiction.


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